1) Communication

Communication is a skill required for your life. It helps you convey your thoughts, which have greatest potential. It is not only about talking but also about the way of talking. There are mainly two ways: Formal and Informal.

2) Adaptibility

Year 2020 and 2021 has taught that faster you adapt the change, better are chances of survival. Adaptation has been part of evolution. It you are evolving, you must get adapt to working hard, sleeping less, hustling more and so on.

3) Leadership

Leaders are not born but made. A leader is the key for the growth of the team. As the word suggests, it leads the whole team towards blooming oppurtunities!

4) Problem Solving

Youi might have solved lacs and lacs of problems till now during school or college withe few methods. Butt when it comes to real life problem solving, there are no methods, you need to build one with your innovation. It is key to success for 21st Century.

5) Resilence

It is an ability of an object to regain its original shape or we could say elasticity. Similarly, when in life you are hit by strong blow, take your time but never forget to resilence back. It could make your progress slow but it cannot stop you. These soft skills once learnt can serve you for life. It will surely help you bloom into a vibrant flower!

Written By
- Kartavya Desai

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