Motivation Tips

Do you feel low while do in works? Do you feel the same while doing your favourite task of the day like playing/ watching movies etc? I can guess answers of both the questions. the main question is why so? Motivation is a booster of your rocket which can help you reach great heights, but how to get and stay motivated? Find your answer down below! You can boost your motivation with these important tips.


Simplyifying goals can help you to achieve goal in most efficient way. For example, Don't make goal to achieve medals in Olympics rather make goal to go to practice every day. Eventually, you would achieve your final goal.


Planning is an important step. Successful people know whats's their next step. Likewise you need to divide your path to reach your goal into steps and further that steps into a micro step this way you know everytime what is needed to be done. You might feel silly to note down very small steps... but this will end up serving you an extra ordinary results


Comparing yourself to others is a most terrifying disease, I feel. As it can lead you to loss 'YOU' from yourself, one lose their own identity when they do so. Rather try to beat yourself everyday, may be by doing just one more push up or one writing one more page, in sometime you would be better version of yourself.

4) Share Updates

Everytime you achieve any goal, share updates to your close friend as TRUE CLOSE FRIEND are themselves a dose of motivation.

5) Rewards

Do you remember getting a star on hand for maybe sitting quiet or completing work? It motivated you to do better next time, Right? That is how rewards work. Everytime you achieve goal, reward yourself with a pastry, or a movie or an episode.

6) Heroic music

It might sound bit fancy, if i told you to listen to heroic music in order to get motivated but it works, researchs have proven it. Try yourself.

Written By
- Kartavya Desai

- Kartavya Desai (Student)

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